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Secret torment
November 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Nicole Scherzinger

She seemed to be the girl who had everything beauty, a glittering career and a top F1 racing driver as a devoted boyfriend, not to mention a judge's chair on the X Factor.

But now 34-year-old Nicole Scherzinger has revealed that for years she suffered the secret torment of the eating disorder bulimia and only the love and support of boyfriend Lewis Hamilton has enabled her to conquer the condition and win back her confidence.

Today she is happy and healthy and recently celebrated her four years with Lewis. She is about to complete a new single and an album, there's talk of a new tour  and life has never been busier for the Hawaiian-born beauty.

I don't think Nicole could have beaten her health problems without Lewis, says a close friend." He's known from the start of their relationship that she had a lot of self-doubt and he has been determined to convince her that she is perfect as she is.

Even though Nicole has now overcome her illness, Lewis knows she still needs constant support and he gives it to her which is what Nicole really loves about him.
And the girl herself agrees. She says: Lewis made me feel beautiful for who I am not what clothes size I'm wearing and that helped a lot.

Friends say it was back in 2003 when Nicole joined the Pussycat Dolls that she started to suffer from bulimia. And Nicole has said: I never spoke about it and I never wanted my family to know because it would  have broken their hearts.

Certainly  today things could hardly be better for Nicole. With her shiny dark hair, cute figure and megawatt smile, she's won over millions as an X Factor judge and had record companies scrambling to offer her million-dollar contracts for her next solo album.

 Since leaving the Pussycat Dolls two years ago, Nicole has become a  reality show sensation of the year, winning the US talent show Dancing With The Stars.

And if that wasn't  enough good fortune, Black Eyes Peas star William who until recently was Cheryl Cole's closest friend, has agreed to produce Nicole's new solo album.

He says: Nicole's a real pleasure to work with and very talented, with a five-octave vocal range. She was great as lead singerin the Pussycat Dolls and great as a solo artist. Now she's proved she's great as a TV personality. There's absolutely no stopping this girl!
I'm actually a very shy person in real life," Nicole says. I pray for confidence before a show   but you wouldn't think so when I get on stage! It's the connection with the audience that brings me alive.

Nicole joined the  five-girl Pussycat Dolls  after studying musical theatre at university in Ohio. Previously she had won a place in another all-girl band after appearing on the US reality TV show Popstars.

With Melody Thornton, Kimberley Wyatt, Jessica Sutta,  and Ashley Roberts, Nicole  drove the PCDs to world-wide success  with albums and singles high in the world's charts and sell-out tours.

It's no secret that Nicole was the driving-force in the group she sang the leads and wrote most of the songs  and there's constant speculation that she would leave once her solo and TV careers took off so spectacularly.    

Even though I have now left, the girls are still my best friends, Nicole says. "After seven years together we were like a sisters, a family. We knew when we needed to give one another space and when we needed to have a good laugh. The girls are always there for me and  vice-versa.

It was a very different story when Nicole was in the Popstars girl band, Eden's Crush.
It was hell , she says.

Every day was torture for me. We were on TV all the time and the atmosphere was awful. Every day I was in  that band I cried my eyes out. The band was meant to be fun but the reality was that it was miserable. I was too sensitive back then but I got toughened up.

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