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Mahfoodh Al Juma is new hockey boss
November 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Mahfoodh Al Juma: OHA Chairman

Muscat: In what was a close contest, Mahfoodh Al Juma was elected the new chairman of Oman Hockey Association (OHA) as the board elections were held.

Mahfoodh received 12 votes from the 23 clubs voted while his rival candidates Adil Al Farsi received 10 votes and Khaleefa Obaid got just one vote.

Chairman of Ahli-Sidab Club Saif Al Rahbi also won a close battle against his rival Salim Al Karthubi to win the post of vice-chairman. Al Rahbi received 12 votes while Karthubi got 11.
Mohammed Redha (10 votes) has been elected as new general-secretary after he defeated the incumbent Mustafa Malallah ( 5 votes) and Abdullah Al Adhwani (6 votes).  Former player Zuhair Al Ajmi won 18 votes to beat Mohammed Al Lawati (5 votes) for the post of treasurer.
Anwar Al Fadhil (22 votes), Saleh Al Bathrani (18 votes), Abdullah Al Balushi (15 votes), Saeed Al Dharmaki (14 votes) and Abdullah Al Obaidani (11 votes) are the board members for the 2012-2016 period.

Speaking to Times Sport, Mahfoodh said he is excited to work with OHA. "I am quite excited in winning it. This has been a very closely fought contest. Till the last minute we were at it. I am glad I have won the election. I am now looking forward to working with OHA," he said.
Mahfoodh admitted he had the 'outside' support of former chairman Dawood Al Raisi.

"I have always wanted to do something for this sport. And it was during this time the elections were fast approaching. Dawood is my good friend and he told me he is not keen to contest again. As I was willing he supported me," Mahfoodh said.

When asked about his agenda, Mahfoodh said the board will draw a guideline after its
first meeting.

"Once we will sit together we will decide about it. We need to first check the old files and see if things are clear. After that we will decide about the roadmap. Certainly we want to do great things for this game.

"We want to really take the game out to the public. We will also try and organise more international tournaments here by which the game will also become popular," he added.

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