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Top 10 Shahrukh Khan movies
August 7, 2013 | 12:00 AM
A collage of SRK's best movie roles

Written by Siddharth Akhouri - Special to TimesofOman.com

Shahrukh Khan also known as 'SRK', 'KING KHAN' and many other superlatives, needs no introduction of any sort. He is a global megastar who has ruled over the hearts of Bollywood movie fans for over 2 decades with a long list of illustrious films. 

With his latest offering 'Chennai Express' hitting screens this Eid, let's look back at the best film performances of SRK's career. Bear in mind that due to the huge volume of work, it is impossible to come up with a complete list which satisfies all his fans. So please see this list as a sincere attempt which is based on Shahrukh Khan's roles in different movie genres.

(List not in any specific order)

1) BAAZIGAR (1993)
It will always be one of the most important films of his career. If Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman was the movie that introduced him, Baazigar made people sit back and take notice of him. Ajay/Vicky Malhotra's character broke every convention of a traditional Hindi film hero of that time and despite the negative shades of the character, SRK's brilliant portrayal succeeded in garnering sympathy and support for the character. This outstanding film also got Shahrukh his first Filmfare for the Best Actor award.

My favourite scene: The scene at the rooftop in which SRK throws Shilpa down. The ease and suddenness of the scene takes you by complete surprise.

2) DARR (1993)
'K-k-k-kiran'… It is for sure that even if you have not seen the movie you would have come across this line somewhere in reference to Shahrukh Khan. It is in fact an irony that the biggest romantic icon of our time is most remembered for yet another villainous role. SRK plays a mentally disturbed stalker and this film established him in the industry as a strong performer. His performance was so impactful that it completely overshadowed the hero of the film. This movie was his first collaboration with Yashraj Films with whom he delivered the biggest hits of his career.

My favourite scene: Every time he is talking to his dead mother on the phone and when he writes 'Kiran' on his chest, is very haunting.

To date, this is the sweetest film King Khan has done. It was also another ground breaking role for SRK as it was the first time that the hero was portrayed as a 'looser' with a heart of gold. This is one of his most heartfelt and sincere performances. Every person can easily connect to his character and can't help but fall in love with the sweet Sunil. SRK insists this is one of his favourite performances of all time. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa is a sweet romantic comedy which refuses to get old and is a must watch for Shahrukh fans. He won his second Filmfare award for critic's choice for Best Performance.

My favourite scene: The wedding sequence at the church is the climax. The innocence with which he fights to get the ring in the dream sequence is heart touching. Also the 'woh toh albela' song video. There would be very few SRK fans who wouldn't have shed a tear over his performance.

This is one movie without which no SRK list of best movies can ever be complete. This film over night turned Shahrukh into the 'King of Romance' and is the longest running film in the history of Indian Cinema. DDLJ is a great film in all respects with brilliant direction, evergreen music and strong performances, hence, one of the only two Indian movies to be included in Jay Schneider's list of '1001 movies to watch before you die.'

My favourite scene: The

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