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Burst the stress
November 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM

When I read about the stress management chart written by some old wise person, I was surprised that I knew most of the recommendations. But the problem, I realised, it was not about knowing but about putting it into practice. You may know about the financial harm of squandering money but most of us still keep wasting it.

Coping with stress is the same thing. The beauty about it is that you don't need a degree to get it right. But you do need a little push to the right direction. The shove to the path of walking out of anxiety is around us all the time. I have discovered, after years of going through stress of every type, that the solution is as simple as picking up a handful of sand. It is also as simple as watching a baby trying to stand up. Do you think babies give up when they fall? They will hold on to something at an earliest opportunity and do it all over again.

Just the sheer sight of it makes you forget about your own troubles. I was counting the leaves of a tree, it was an impossible task, but I made an honest attempt. By the time I reached 122, I gave up but the time I spent looking up made me feel better.

I also now find that following a wasp in full flight is quite relaxing and so looking for the nest of the black ants behind my kitchen door. I spent the next 10 minutes mixing a paste of white cement to block the hole.

I even found it funny when the remedy to stop black ants infesting my house was white cement. It was therapeutic to notice the fine dust that gets accumulated in the wooden spindle of the table leg or the cracks on top of the furniture. Stress busting is not difficult and the supply is endless when you know where to look. I remember long time ago, an elderly woman used to call herself an "old goat" every time she made a mistake, followed by a hearty laughter.

Instead of complaining about a broken glass, she would laugh about her carelessness. That way, I now realise after several decades that passed, she put stress at a safe distance. She devised a working method of never allowing things she could not control from changing her mood. If it is done systematically, one thing at a time and as they happen, then it makes a profound difference in our lives.

Mind you, one can never entirely get rid of stress. They say a little anxiety makes you humble to remind you that you are only human. But you can blunt the sharp ends to numb the effect.  For those who believe in God, then you have the extra tool to deal with the situation.
The divine power never asks you to deal with any tricky situation alone. You share everything with God and the feeling, if you really have an unwavering faith, then will give you special comfort.

You are never asked to do his work and perhaps it is time to relieve yourself with some of the responsibilities that you have no power to solve. All you have to do when thoughts cloud your mind is laugh at your mistakes and forgive yourself.

Pick interesting things around you to observe. It is the only way to remove the clouds in the mind to make room for positive thinking. In a nutshell, stress advice from professionals always help but you must rely on your resources to make it work.

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