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TEDxSalalah to share new ideas
August 18, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Inspiring: Omantel CEO Dr Amer Al Rawas and Director of the Gulf Research Centre at Cambridge University Dr Abdullah Baabood are among the star speakers at the event. Photo – Supplied

Muscat: Salalah will be playing host to 'ideas worth spreading' when the city's first ever TED talks event, TEDxSalalah, takes place next Saturday.

TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to spreading ideas that people have about varied varieties of subjects. Events can be held in different cities under the TED name. Inspired by the many wonderful TED videos online and the TEDxMuscat event, two women in Salalah decided it was time to have one locally.

"We want to showcase the talent in Salalah. Besides, we also intended to bring others from abroad to share their ideas and inspire the local people," Asma Al Fadha, one of the organisers, told the Times of Oman.

TEDxSalalah will feature a number of speakers, among them Omantel CEO Dr Amer Al Rawas, Director of the Gulf Research Centre at Cambridge University Dr Abdullah Baabood, young entrepreneur Saba Al Busaidi, and archaeologist Dr Jeffrey Rose. Asma and Fadhila invited people who were successful and leaders and inventors in their own right.

The plan for this event was conceptualised when Asma was discussing the achievements of the numerous talented people from Salalah with her friend, Fadhila Al Faraj.

This casual discussion eventually resulted in their planning a TED event in their hometown. Fadhila thought it would be a wonderful way to share the positive, courageous and creative ideas that locals had.

"'Ideas worth spreading,' the TED slogan, is a great concept. I can't stop repeating that in my mind. It fascinates me, as does the voluntary work behind everything, since we'll be sharing ideas without getting paid and we'll break the limitations of money and materialism," Asma added.

She admitted that organising the event was a challenge, as she and Fadhila had limited resources, but they refused to give up on their dream. She hopes it will lead to more creative ideas emerging from Salalah.

"We still have faith that this event will inspire people to initiate something for the sake of this fabulous community," Asma said.

TEDxSalalah will take place Saturday from 8:30am to 2pm at the Frankincense Land Hall at the Al Baleed Archeological Site in Salalah. For more information or to register for the event, visit www.tedxsalalah.com.

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