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NRAA to Organize Symposium on history of Islamic Civilization in East Africa
August 21, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: The National Records and Archives Authority (NRAA) will organize on September 2nd to 4th, 2013 an international symposium on "History of Islamic Civilization in East Africa" to be held in Zanzibar, Republic of Tanzania. The symposium will be organized in collaboration with the Foreign Ministry, the Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture in Istanbul (IRCICA), affiliated to the Organization of Islamic Conference and Zanzibar University.

Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed al-Dhoyani, NRAA's Chairman said that "62" working papers will be presented by researchers to highlight the major manifestations of the Islamic civilization in various fields, as well as reviewing viewpoints related to the impact of the Islamic civilization in Asia and East Africa through the historic and Islamic civilizational dimensions, in addition to the Arab and Islamic migrations and their impact on rapprochement of Islamic creeds.

Dr. al-Dhoyani added that the symposium will shed light on the impact of the Islamic civilization in construction and craft industries, in addition to reviewing the geographic aspects that contributed in spreading the Islamic civilization.

The symposium will focus on a number of themes, the most important of which is the historical theme, which will highlight the nature and availability of sources and studies on Eastern Africa, the impact of Islamic civilization in Central Africa, the role of Arabs in Islamic civilization, their trade influence in Rwanda and Burundi, Muslims migrations and their impact at internal level.

The documents, archives and monuments theme will focus on the historical Islamic manuscripts and documents of the archival centers and libraries in Eastern Africa, the importance of archival institutions and libraries, the manuscripts and historical records, the Omani historical manuscripts and records in Eastern Africa and the influence of Islamic civilization in Eastern Africa on the records, manuscripts and archives.

As for the literary and linguistic theme, it will highlight the impact of Arabic on the languages of Eastern Africa, the impact of Islam in literature and the Arab and Omani influence on Swahili culture.

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