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Music is enlightenment: Kailash Kher
November 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Musical genius: Kailash Kher is a leading singer, lyricist and a composer. Pic: A R Rajkumar/ TIMES OF OMAN

Muscat: Music is not only entertainment; it is enlightenment. It touches deep within, said ace singer Kailash Kher who recently gave a pulsating performance with his band Kailasa at Qurum Amphitheatre in Muscat.

Talking to the media before the concert, the singer who is known for his soul-stirring voice said that he has indeed come a long way in these eight years since his career took off.

Kailash Kher gets philosophical while reminiscing his days of struggle as an upcoming singer. "It is a feeling which I can't express in words most of the times.

 Whenever you go through hardships in life you learn to deal with the outcomes of it too. So while I was struggling to make a name for myself I was confident enough that I would be able to do something too," said the singer.

Emphasising on the importance of success the singer said that while being successful is important maintaining success and handling one's achievements are more significant.

"You can achieve many things in life but achievements should be handled carefully. You should neither get carried away nor fade away in oblivion. When you become a public figure you need to strike the right kind of balance. You need to have a bigger understanding of relation and a better perspective of life," he said.

Known for his revolutionary Sufi sojourn, Kailash said that in the world of music when we talk about emotions it is not just about human emotions. "People often say that my songs have human connect but I even sing to the trees and the birds as I find some connect there too," said the singer displaying his inherent simplicity.

Being a singer, lyricist and a composer all at the same time, Kailash Kher said that though he is more popular as a singer, composing music and penning lyrics are his favourites too. "The whole process is like childbirth. From conceiving stage to the time the baby is delivered it is an intricate process. Music too goes through the entire process; from nothing to being something," he added.

Kailash Kher's rustic voice has often been compared to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Kailash gets candid when asked about it.

"That's a huge responsibility. When you are compared with an icon you feel nervous. The benchmark has to be there," said the singer with a smile.

Reminiscing about how his band Kailasa was formed he said it was created  in 2004, the time when he started getting invitations to perform for concerts.

"I first got the opportunity to sing for a concert which had Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and many other well-known singers performing for it.

That time I was a just two-song-old singer and being an untrained musician I was not too confident either. Yet, I gathered courage and sang few of my original compositions which were highly appreciated. That's the time when I formed my band called, Kailasa which means unique," he said.

Since then there was no looking back. Kailasa performed not just in India but in different parts of the world and till date have to their credit more than 800 concerts worldwide.

When asked, does not he feel uncomfortable when he sings for other musicians being a composer himself he had an extremely down-to-earth reply, just like his persona.

"If I am a designer and I see the work of any other designer it should fascinate me. That's the beauty of art. Same rule applies to music too. We appreciate each one's work," he said.

Apart from being known for his unique voice, Kailash Kher is also known for his benevolence and has been part of several charity shows.

When asked if he feels the need to give back to the society he said, "India has the richest and the poorest people of the world.

Such is its diversity. I feel no matter whatever you are doing in life, there is always something more to do. So when one is a public figure you have more responsibility towards the society. My thought and action can make a difference." 

"I composed for Anna Hazare's movement a

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