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Movie Review: Shudh Desi Romance
September 8, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Shudh Desi Romance official poster

Starring: Sushant Singh Rajput, Parineeti Chopra, Rishi Kapoor, Vaani Kapoor
Director: Maneesh Sharma
Rating: 3.5/5

Gone are the days when lovers fought the whole world to stay together and marriage used to be their ultimate destination in a hope for a happily ever after. Times have changed and so has love. Contemporary love is commitment phobic, unsure of itself and highly confused and Shudh Desi Romance succeeds in painting the picture of today's love with gusto.

Director Maneesh Sharma keeps the setting and the feel of the film deliciously Desi but chooses an ultimate present day and chic plot which takes you by surprise. The earthiness of the film and its characters is immensely infectious. The locales of Rajasthan have been beautifully captured by cinematographer Manu Anand. His brilliance lies in the fact that he does not sacrifice authenticity for beauty and as a result, even an insignificant thing like a creaky, battered bathroom door becomes an important part of the film.

It takes time to sink into the ambience of the film. It takes time to accept the forwardness and boldness of the characters as they behave in ways which cinematic characters are not expected to behave partly due to the double standards in cinema and partly because we are in denial that the youth in our country is also changing.

Director Maneesh Sharma makes a brave attempt at mirroring the reality of at least a part of our society, if not all which thinks differently and remains torn between traditions and their own aspirations. He keeps the film light throughout and manages to make his characters immensely real and likable.

The marriage sequence just before the interval is the high point of the film and is genuinely funny. It is in the second half that his direction starts to lose steam. By the climax, the film starts to become repetitive and the confrontation between the characters of Parineeti and Vaani does not have the impact it should have had, but the sequence involving Rishi Kapoor and the cheating bride is truly outstanding. Also the marriage sequence in the climax looks childish and forced. A better way to reach to the culmination was the need of the hour.

Jaideep Sahni who has written the film, dialogues as well as the lyrics is the true star of the film. He manages to bring a whiff of fresh air to a genre which was getting intolerably stale. His geniuses lie in the fact that the movie at no point passes any judgment on anyone and never tries to prove any point of its own. It does not deal with rights and wrongs of the society and neither tries to prove the society wrong. It just remains a light and entertaining romantic comedy and yet throws light upon some relevant issues of the present day generation. The dialogues are the other highlights of the movie.

They are authentic, funny and bring out the emotion in the most genuine way just the way one of us would say it.

Many would find the film and the characters confusing. But fortunately or unfortunately, that is the point of the film. The film tries to depict the confused nature of love and the generation which is obsessed about it. Many out there who would connect to the inherent confusion and chaos will absolutely love the attempt.

Sushant Singh gives a stunning account of himself as a strong performer. He is present in almost every frame and provides a strong shoulder to carry the film forward. Definitely an actor to watch out for! Parineeti Chopra plays the usual she is by now famous for.

She does extremely well and the chemistry between her and Sushant is the mainstay of the film and the whole of first half only relies on it to make an impact. Vani Sharma makes a strong debut and looks extremely pretty. She manages to make her presence felt amongst talented co-stars and does full justice to her character. Rishi Kapoor gives another winning performance and gets to mouth some of the best dialogues of the enterprise especially towards the climax.

Talented duo Sachin Jigar

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