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Two die as SUV rams into truck
September 9, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Tragic mishap: Both the Omani occupants of the SUV were crushed to death in the head-on collision with the truck, yesterday morning. Photo – Supplied

Muscat: Two Omanis travelling in a sports utility vehicle (SUV) were killed in a road accident between Bahla and Ibri yesterday morning, police officials informed.

"Two Omanis travelling in an SUV died in a tragic accident when the vehicle rammed into a truck yesterday morning in a head-on collision. The SUV was seen crushed under the truck that was heading to Bahla. The truck driver suffered minor injuries," the police said.

The General Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance, in cooperation with the Royal Oman Police, led the rescue operations.

According to the police, the car went under the trailer before the truck driver could even react. Both the Omani occupants of the car were crushed to death in the accident. A heavy duty crane had to be employed to lift the truck to extricate the crushed SUV from underneath the truck.

Meanwhile, on Saturday evening, three vehicles were involved in an accident in Jalan Bani Bu Ali in which two people were killed and five injured.

On August 26, a head-on collision along the Haima-Thumrait road had claimed the lives of three Omanis. According to an ROP spokesman, the cars collided at the Mukhaizna T-junction on the Haima-Thumrait road, killing three occupants of one of the cars. One of the cars travelling from Thumrait to Haima went over the road divider and collided with the four-wheel-drive vehicle coming from the opposite direction. The three occupants of the saloon car were killed on the spot while the driver of the SUV and eight other occupants were rushed to a hospital in Haima, about 550-km south of Muscat.

Post-Eid safety
In the post-Eid Al Fitr period, only seven deaths were reported in road accidents on the Muscat-Salalah road.

The authorities had worked relentlessly to keep a close vigil on the 1,000-kilometre route from Muscat to Salalah.

The ROP had deployed patrols all along the route. The warning signs, including possibility of fuel shortage, were put up all along the route.  Last year, an unprecedented rush during the Khareef season, which is post-Ramadan, had proved to be a nightmare for the authorities. A series of road accidents had caused 65 deaths.

During January-June 2013 period, a total of 4,103 accidents were reported, compared to 4,177 mishaps during the same time last year. Thus, the number of accidents showed a marginal decline of 1.8 per cent, while injuries came down by 11.4 per cent.

Significantly, the number of deaths decreased from 539 last year to 441 in 2013, a decline of 18.2 per cent.

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