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Departing staff should cancel their old visas
September 9, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Khalifa Al Hinai Legal Consultants

I am an expatriate employee of a leading contracting company in Oman. My Company does not cancel visas of employees even after a six months' notice period and giving the final settlement. Employees who resign are normally repatriated without cancelling their visas. This creates a big problem for many employees as they find it difficult to return to Oman under another sponsorship. What solution can you suggest for this problem?

We have come across quite a number of such complaints where the employers have resorted to the unscrupulous practice of not cancelling the visa of the resigning employees just to prevent them from returning to Oman under a different sponsorship.

This type of muscle flexing is often done by big contracting companies as they can afford to lose a couple of clearances. (Unless an employee's visa is cancelled, the employer will not be able to get another clearance for the same slot). This practice is not only illegal but also unethical. Oman Labour Law is very specific about the right of an employee to resign and look for alternate employment opportunities subject to the prevailing rules and regulations. There is no ban on changing employer or looking for better prospects.

The affected persons may approach the Ministry of Manpower and the Immigration authorities against this practice of any company. The employees may inform the Royal Oman Police (ROP) duty officers at the airport that they are being forced to leave Oman without cancelling their visas and the officers concerned would send them back from the airport with specific instructions to approach the Ministry of Manpower to redress their grievances. Employers feel emboldened to continue to commit such mistakes since people accept any type of inhuman and illegal treatment without raising their voice at the proper forum and at the proper time.

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