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iPhone 5s fingerprint security hacked
September 23, 2013 | 12:00 AM
A promoter demonstrates the fingerprint scanner feature of the newly launched Apple iPhone 5S in Singapore September 20, 2013. Photo - Reuters/Edgar Su

German hackers said Monday they have been able to get past the new biometric identification system contained in the latest generation of Apple's iconic iPhones.

On its website, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) said that by using "the simplest, everyday means", it had hacked into the new finger-print identification system on Apple's latest iPhone models launched last week.

"The phone owner's finger print, photographed from a drinking glass, was sufficient to create a forged print to unlock the iPhone 5S", the hackers said.

A spokesman for the group told AFP it was easy for amateurs to do by lifting prints from a bottle or drinking glass.

"The most complicated part is getting your hands on an iPhone 5S," he joked.

"It again proves a biometric identification system using finger prints is not appropriate to guard access to a phone and should be avoided," the CCC said.

They recommended using a normal password to lock and unlock the phone.

Apple's German operations were not immediately available to comment.

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