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Eurostar introduces latest range of tablets in Oman
September 23, 2013 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: Eurostar lets the cat out of the bag with its latest range of ePad tablets and a new line up of devices with multi-functionality theme across the new quarter.

The new line up of multifunctional devices includes the ePad Genie range, the ePad 7+, ePad 10 and ePad Kids. The Genie line-up is a range of seven inch tablets with sim capability for phone calls, dual core processor for faster processing of various apps and also built-in GPS function.

The line-up includes the Genie and the Genie-2 which are true phablets running on the latest Andorid software. The top end Genie model come with a dual sim which enables users to make phone calls  on the tablet and manage two different sims at the same time; constant internet connectivity through  3G , WiFi and bluetooth for social media, live streaming and chatting; a 1.5Ghz Dual Core processor with a 1GB DDR-III RAM; 8GB memory which can be expanded to a whopping 32GB; the Genie -1 is a mid end tablet with a single sim, a strong 1.2Ghz and a 6GB memory and a powerful 3000 mAH battery, which is priced as an affordable entry model for the consumer who want to stay connected online and through the phone.

Eurostar's new range is expected to create a wave, with special offers, bundles and giveaways.

"The new range of Eurostar multifunctional ePad tablets will be a true testimony to Eurostar's presence in the Thematic devices leadership," said Youssef Saidi, the COO for the group. "We also recently bagged the Asia Most Promising brand, which reinforces Eurostar brand and care for the end users experience," said Saidi.

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