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The best dream I ever had
September 26, 2013 | 12:00 AM

One of the best qualities of human beings is the ability to dream. Every human should have had dreams, some of them very pleasant, some of them bizarre and horrible.

The horrible dream also known as a nightmare, which has a scary effect on us. One may feel as if he is being choked or drowned. Dream is a beautiful version of the things we do in a semi-conscious state.

Not long back, I too had a dream which is quite interesting. In my dream, I saw myself as the prime minister of my country. As a prime minister, I felt happy, honoured and responsible.

In a public meeting, I saw people cheering loudly and clapping for me. Some eyes looked at me with happiness, others with hope. I would make out by looking at them that they wanted me to introduce reforms that improve their lives.

Then and there, I took an oath in my heart that I would do everything possible to help them. I would provide free education, healthcare, shelter and food for all. I would ensure equality among all and end fights. I would abolish terrorism and would make my country, world's most peaceful and advanced country.

This dream did not continue long, as my alarm clock began ringing. The sweet dream vanished like snow before the morning sun. However this dream had a lasting effect on me and was certainly "The best dream I ever had".

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