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CBSE’s GCC sub-regional office in three months
September 30, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: India's Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) plans to set up a new centre for schools in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to provide better services to the students here.

"The centre will most likely be set up in Dubai since it has the largest concentration of CBSE schools in the GCC," CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi said in India.

A sub-regional office would be opened in the Gulf region within three months as the first step, said Joshi, adding that the board would start accreditation for all affiliated schools by sending inspecting teams from India to the Gulf every five years.

Two assessors from one of the 12 private agencies selected by the board and one CBSE observer will evaluate the school for two days, and their recommendations will be examined by the board.

"We were working on developing this accreditation system for the last two years and have launched it now. It will be compulsory for all the CBSE schools to get accredited. Schools that fail to receive an accreditation will be given one chance, failing which their CBSE affiliation will be revoked," said Joshi.

"The accreditation system will follow a peer assessor scheme where two assessors from private agencies and one CBSE observer will evaluate the school over a period of two days. A list of recommendations will be presented to the board and it will then be examined."

The board has selected 12 private agencies to nominate the CBSE school principals who will qualify to be peer assessors after completing an accreditation test.

The new system is being implemented to protect the interests of the students and improve teaching and learning standards.

"Schools associated with the CBSE are not supposed to commercialise and, therefore, education cannot be looked at as a product. There has to be a culture of continuous improvement and the accreditation system will help them in this aspect," added Joshi.

Reports by education regulators have constantly highlighted the need for the CBSE to move away from rote learning and the board has responded by announcing a series of changes over the last few years.

"We are looking at consolidating the changes we have brought in since we started implementing these four years back. We value the suggestions made by the schools and it reflects some of the issues which they may face."

Each year, the board affiliates 800 new schools and the new accreditation policies are expected to go a long way in improving education standards in Indian schools following the curriculum.

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