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Software helps nab laptop thief
October 14, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Four days after four laptops were stolen from his office, the CEO managed to reclaim these at the Ruwi Police station yesterday, thanks to the combined force of a police investigation and an unusual sleuth — a clever computer application.

An anti-theft software, which the CEO had installed in his office laptops, helped him track down and nab a woman thief, a member of his own company's staff, who had allegedly stolen the four laptops from his office in Ruwi
last Wednesday.

"On Thursday morning, we realised that four laptops were missing. I registered a complaint with the police and activated the anti-theft software with a "missing" update. On Friday evening, when I was at a meeting, I got the first message that one of my missing laptops was online.

"I tracked down the location and even a picture of the person taken by my laptop who had logged in. With the printout of the picture and other details, I rushed to the police station.

"Then, with the help of the police, we tracked down the shop and retrieved two of my missing laptops," the company CEO said.

When the police grilled the shop owner who had bought the laptops and checked the visuals from the CCTV camera installed at the shop, they were able to identify the woman thief.

"The police questioned the shop owner. With the help of details he provided and after checking the CCTV visuals, we realised that the thief was one of my own staffers.

"Later on, as per the police advice, I called her to my office yesterday. The police also arrived and took her into custody. After questioning her, we were able to trace the other two laptops also," the CEO said.

After the theft, the culprit sprinkled chilli powder in the office to keep away and dodge sniffer dogs. Besides, she might have also used gloves since finger print experts were not able to gather any evidence.

"Even though she proved to be a cunning one, she couldn't cheat the unusual sleuth, my anti-theft software," the CEO added.

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