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30 million rials for Nizwa internal highway road
October 24, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Dr Ahmed bin Mohamed Al Fatisi, Minister of Transport and Communication   today went on a field trip to follow-up of roads projects which are under construction in Al Dhakhiliyah Governorate. Among those roads, is the internal highway road in Wilayat of Nizwa which is currently under construction.

This project is considered as one of the most important projects in Wilayat, costing more than 30 million Omani rials. The road highway starts from Farq roundabout till the intersection leading to Al Rahbah and Hay al Turath associated with the road leading to Wilayat Bahla and Al Hamra.

The project includes establishing 6 intersections generations with light signals, 4 roundabouts, 9 overhead pedestrian crossings and 2 bridges.

Al Fatisi also inspected the construction work in Jabrin to Ibri road which includes numbers of bridges and tunnels for raining waters. These projects will facilitate transportation between Al Dhakhiliyah and Al Dhahirah governorates and help in reducing road accidents.

Dr Ahmed will also inspect construction works in highway roads leading to Az town in Wilayat Manah till Wilayat Adam. 

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