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Illegal parking of oil tankers irks Al Ghubra residents
October 27, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Photo - Times of Oman Reader

The residents of 18th November Street on Chedi Hotel Road in Al Ghubra are irked by unlawful parking of oil tankers close to their villas. In a letter to the Times of Oman, they wrote: "There are villas situated on the main road and the photos show to what purpose the shoulder of the road in front of the villas is being used.

This is a residential area and more importantly, there is a highly accident-prone curve along the road. Almost every week, we witness an accident here. Very recently, a small car lost control and went under a trailer that was parked just like this. As there is an ROP stipulation not to photograph accident sites, we refrained from doing so.

You can imagine our constant anxiety at having these trucks parked just 10 metres from our gate in such an accident-prone area. Is this not a direct violation of safety rules? If one of the tankers were to catch fire due to an accident, we, the residents of the area, would be reduced to ashes in a few minutes. We request the concerned authorities to take action."

"The roadside where you now see the tankers parked, used to be a beautiful paved area that residents used for walking until it was dug up two years ago to lay the sewage system. Since then, the pavement has not been re-laid," they added. They pointed out that it is not just in this area, but a growing number of vacant road shoulders elsewhere as well that are being used for this purpose. Another example is the area where one exits from the Qurum Heights Road before the right turn towards the Indian School Muscat roundabout. "Are there no regulations for parking of such heavy vehicles, especially petrol tankers?" they wondered.

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