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Buraimi Gateway showcases heritage
November 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Magnificent showpiece: This defining monument is built to commemorate the legacy, history and beauty of Oman.

Muscat: To help relive the past and promote tourism, the Diwan of Royal Court Affairs is in the process of building town gates at Bahla, Rustaq, Buraimi, Nizwa, Shinas, Sumail and Sur. After their completion, these magnificent edifices will provide visitors to the area with a foretaste of what the historical quarter of the city offers.

The first in the series of seven gates, the Buraimi Gateway, is almost ready to be handed over to the government. It will be a landmark in Buraimi, an oasis town in the region of Ad Dhahirah in northeastern Oman on the border of the UAE. The gateway is located on Sohar-Burami Road.

The imposing gateway amply reflects the fort architecture that permeates throughout the Sultanate.  Al Ansari Trading Enterprise LLC  was given the main contract to build this aesthetically fascinating monument  by the Royal Court Affairs.

The design of the structure and the surrounding area was created by central design office of Royal Court Affairs. The Buraimi  gateway, which covers an  area of approximately 1000sq mts, consists of two floors for offices and symmetrical two towers on either sides.

This project incorporates  associated road works, parking facilities, landscaping and irrigation
works for the smooth flow of the traffic and for the convenience of the people using the area.
This gateway's external surface is treated with local marble from Rawdha up to a height of 3m while  the use of local stone from Oman has provided a rugged traditional look of the Omani

Valued at around S$4 million, the Buraimi Gateway is almost complete. Buraimi, situated in the North West corner of Oman, has always had a strategic importance.  Buraimi, in fact, lies at the junction of major caravan routes from Oman one coming from the East coast along the Wadi Jizzi and another from the South via Nizwa, Bahla and Ibri.

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