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Omani medicos perform first stem cell transplant
December 5, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Sa’eedi, Minister of Health and Dr Qassim bin Ahmed Al Salmi, Director-General of Royal Hospital visit the patient at the Royal Hospital. – ONA

Muscat: An Omani medical team at the Haematology Department of the Royal Hospital successfully performed the first stem cell transplant — extracting cells from the bone marrow of a patient suffering from multiple myeloma — after the patient had undergone years of treatment
with medicines.

The stem cell transplant was performed on November 18 under the supervision of the Omani medical team. The team performed the surgery and followed up with the patient during the recovery period to ensure that all body organs and functions respond to the treatment.
The team provided the patient with all possible support to ensure proper recovery and protect him against any possible complications.

The surgery has been successful and the bone marrow resumed normal functions after 10 days of the stem cells transplant.

Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Sa'eedi, Minister of Health, Dr Qassim bin Ahmed Al Salmi, Director-General of the Royal Hospital, and the medical team visited the patient to enquire about him before he was discharged from the hospital.

The stem cell transplant team comprised Dr Muhanna Al Meselhi, Dr Muna Al Tarshi and Dr Hind Al Balushiyah, Head  of the Stem Cells Treatment and Storing Unit.

In 2011, the Paediatric Department of Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) had successfully treated a one-year-old girl suffering from HLH (hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis), a genetic disorder.

The girl was discharged after she underwent a peripheral blood stem cell transplant, wherein the stem cells are collected from the donor's blood and not from the bones.

The donor was her nine-year-old brother whose cells perfectly matched with the girl. The stem cells were collected from his blood using a machine called Cobe Spectra, and infused into the girl's blood through the vein.

She was first taken to Ibra Hospital where the doctor immediately referred her to SQUH.

Prior to this, she was given chemotherapy to destroy her original bone marrow stem cells, which were defective.

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