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Sanitary workers protest against new service conditions
December 15, 2013 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: Hundreds of Cleaning Section workers at the Muscat Municipality reportedly refused to join duty yesterday in protest.

Nearly 200 workers who were on duty yesterday morning returned to the camp before the end of their shift and reportedly started to protest, alleging that they have been wrongly treated by the authorities.

The next lot of workers, supposed to join duty in the afternoon, also refused to do so.

According to the workers, they were being "forced" to work without pay by the supervisors.

"Earlier, we had two days off. If at times we had to work on our off days, as we indeed are supposed to in case of need, we were paid for it. But now the supervisors are compelling everyone to work for extra days, that too without payment. There are around 600 workers in the cleaning section. We have informed our officials. Let them come and we will talk," the protesting workers said.

However, at the camp site, the supervisors were trying their best to sort out the issue and ensure that the workers join duty.

"We presume that the compulsion is only for expatriate workers. We won't work for free since the Omani Labour Law does not allow that," the workers added.

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