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The great balancing act
October 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM
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For expatriates balance is something they need to work on as they are often not always surrounded by the support of extended family. It is all too so easy to think of work and high salary as the most important things in life. Workaholism is dominant in many Gulf countries where expatriates rush to climb the corporate ladder.

When this happens it is all too easy to gets stressed which over time will affect your health causing headaches and aches and weight gain. This can all too easily lead even in young men to being exhausted. Life is about a balance and as they say all work and no play can make you a dull boy! I know for myself if I have a day full of negotiations, if I go for a swim and come back to the day's problems I feel much more able to look at things calmly and logically and look for a positive solution. Recruiters are finding that women are more likely to want a balanced life. Money is not their first consideration. Women are seeking flexible hours, longer maternity leave and part-time options.

Too busy being busy!
The Gulf is a fast changing world and it is very easy to buy into the notion that we must be constantly busy. Busy people are often taking phone calls and sending texts and e-mails at even the best social events, but there should be more to life than work. The best feelings come from giving our time freely to help and care for others. As people's lives become busier and technology means we are never out of contact, finding a balance between work and home can be more difficult to achieve.

And there is always the temptation to catch up with work e-mails at home. Or answer a text message when you are in the middle of reading your child's bedtime story. It is important to be able to draw a line and employers will respect you for it. Leading a balanced life is also very important to being physically healthy, and to being happy and enjoying life to the full. When your life is balanced you are full of positive energy and confidence and most of all you feel content. When you lead a balanced life your children will learn from you how to handle this modern fast paced world with patience and calm.

Occasionally we need to do a little bit of life auditing to make sure we have a balance of the important things in life. Time for family, religion, healthy eating, work, exercise; and time enjoying nature and time spent relaxing.

Life can be a real balancing act. I know there are times when I have many projects that I would like to take on but I need my time for my family, exercise and time for nature as I produce my best work when I am leading a balanced life and I have had to learn to say no to some projects.
Being aware of an imbalance is the first step to restoring balance.

Having time for a healthy home life means staff are more energetic and productive at work. Family time is important, more important than money and if we are not careful work can take over and it is not healthy. Many people allow work stress to swallow them up and they return home tired and irritable and head for the drink cabinet or the biscuit tin. I wish you all a happy balanced day!

Ask Alva
I'm just back from my summer leave and I have gained so much weight. What can I do to slim down and get to my ideal weight? I am 1.68m tall and weigh 87kg.
Given your height and weight your BMI figure is 33 which classes you as obese. In order to reach a healthy BMI figure you need to think about losing 17kg. I would suggest you do this through gradual changes so that you end up in a healthy routine that you can continue. Please e-mail guideot@ardenhealth.com for my healthy eating plan and you could also ask your doctor about taking Actrim a fruit based supplement which speeds up weight loss.

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