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Howard University students delivered a research seminar
December 23, 2013 | 12:00 AM
American students listening to the presenters in a Majlis at Sohar Beach Hotel

Howard University students from the United States of America, who were on visit to Sohar University, delivered a seminar on the impact of Shale Gas on the petroleum industries in the Middle East. Two groups of students pursuing MBA and undergraduate degrees in Business presented their findings in this regard.

In their study entitled "The Rise of Shale Gas and the Impact of United States Production on the Global Market", the HU-MBAs offered a consultancy to Taghleef Industry in Oman.  Within the scope of their work, they addressed a number of issues surrounding the possibility of the US becoming a net exporter of shale gas by 2020 and the affect that it could have on Taghleef industries.  From their research they came with the recommendations of using gas price futures as a hedge, forming partnerships with shale gas fracking companies, joining with lobbies like the National Gassroots Coalition to stop shale gas fracking in the US, and acquiring a shale gas fracking startup company in the future.

While the MBA students presented their findings associated with the impact of Shale gas on three different timeframes –immediate, medium term, and long term; the undergraduate students presented an overall SWOT analysis associated with the discovery of Shale gas in the USA.  Mr. Sandeep Mudgal, Managing Director, Taghleef Industry, Sohar took active part in both the sessions and congratulated the Howard Students for their good work.

This visit was planned under a tripartite research arrangement, having Taghleef Industry, Sohar as the key industrial link in-between. This collaboration was aimed at undertaking some research and consultancy projects by the undergraduate and MBA students of the two universities with the industries in Sohar. The session was organized by the Sohar University in the Salalah Hall of the Sohar Beach Hotel. It was planned in the form of a Majlis to make them feel the cultural ambience as visitors from abroad.

In the closing ceremony, Professor Steve Halls, the Director for Environmental Unit and Research was presented a token of appreciation from the Provost of Howard, Professor Barron Harvey. Professor Harvey in his brief speech also expressed the willingness to continue supporting such academic and research based relationships between the two universities. 

The next day, the Howard group was given a brief guided tour of the Sohar Industrial Port before leaving for Dubai by road. The group will stay for two nights in Dubai and will leave to India for a seven days study tour covering Delhi and Bangalore cities.

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