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Expedition to Nizwa&Muscat by Dukes team of Indian School Salalah
January 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: A 45 member IAYP(International Award for Young People) Dukes team of Indian School Salalah escorted by 4 teachers took part in an expedition to Nizwa and Muscat from December 28 to 31.

On the first day of the expedition in Nizwa, the students visited the Al Shams tile factory where they got to know about the modern mechanized processes of tile production. The Al Shams range consisted of glazed wall and floor tiles in a variety of designs and shades to suit every decor. Later, their visit to the Nizwa fort, a massive castle, Oman's most visited national monument, gave them an insight about the Omani architectural ingenuity in the Ya'rubi era that witnessed considerable advancement in military fortifications The traditional handicrafts shops inside the fort emerged to be just perfect for antique lovers.

The evening fun was the long trek taken by the dukes in the corniche area in Muscat, the popular location for walkers and joggers. Their last visit of the day was to the Al Alam Palace, the ceremonial palace of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, was just the perfect place for photographs.

On the second day, on 30th Dec, the team had a very interesting start at the PDO Planetarium that opened their mind doors to the end of infinity that is the black hole theory. The curator of the Planetarium, a passionate man, led the team to imaginary trips between the stars. The young dukes were really mesmerized by the laser show at the end of the presentation. The visit to the planetarium was indeed a fruitful one.

The team's spirit rose when they visited the SAF(Sultan Armed Forces) museum, a military history museum, located in the 150 year-old Bait Al Falaj Fort, the headquarters for Sultan Said bin Sultan's Armed Forces. The children were extremely happy to have gotten an opportunity to see an extensive collection related to Oman's history of warfare and the military, with artefacts on weapons such as guns and cannons, uniforms, motor vehicles, strategies, instruments, medals and even an ejector seat and a parachute on display. They all were thrilled to see the various weapons and different kinds of guns and rifles used in the army. The visit to the museum was a great inspiration to all the youngsters.

 Later in the evening they all became little children once again in their lives while they visited the Muscat Public Park. Their last destination was the carrefour mall where every team member purchased to their hearts' content.

The IAYP (Dukes) team returned back to Salalah on 31st December morning, with wonderful memories of the exciting trip.

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