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Deceased expat’s kin seeks probe
January 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: A relative of the Indian man who was found dead with his throat slit has approached the Indian Embassy requesting a probe into the incident.

Anil Kumar, 38, hailing from the south Indian state of Kerala, was found dead in his accommodation in Barka. He had reportedly slit his throat with a knife at around 8:30pm on December 30.

"It is unbelievable to learn that Anil Kumar, my brother-in-law, had committed suicide by cutting his throat. I have heard about people committing suicide by cutting some vein. But is this possible? Therefore, I have requested the Indian Embassy to intervene and initiate a probe," Prasad, the relative, said.

Prasad submitted the plea at the Indian Embassy on January 2.

Mysterious conditions
"My sister complained that Anil Kumar was not attending her calls. So, I went to his accommodation. There I learnt that he was found dead under mysterious conditions. He didn't have any reason to commit suicide. He was sending money regularly to his home," Prasad added.

Quoting his roommates, the Times of Oman had earlier reported that Anil was lying on the floor in a disturbed state and his roommate was lying on a bed nearby and saw Anil committing suicide.

Having seen the incident, the roommate ran outside the room and called other friends and the sponsor. In between all this, Anil somehow came to the door and locked it from inside, the friends claimed. When the police reached the scene, they found Anil dead. There were bloodstains on the door.

Anil was working as a driller for the last five months in a company near Barka. The roommate of Anil was taken into custody by the police for questioning but he was later released.

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