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Primary Court agrees public prosecution demand to try witness as defendant in 'oil & gas bribery' cases
January 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: The primary court in Muscat responded to the demand of the Public Prosecution member Faisal Al Rashdi to involve a witness in four cases related to the 'oil and gas bribes' as a defendant after it was proved that he was involved in forming a fake company to which the bribes money could be transferred to in cooperation with the defendants in these cases.

According to the details of the case, the first and second defendants accepted bribes from a company to make some facilities for the projects implemented by this company which gave them bribes via the third defendant.
The witness in this case attended today's hearing as the general manager of a company located in Madinat Al Ilam and has 5 partners. The witness said that he was the only employee in this company and that its capital was OMR100,000 and deals with big companies by providing consultancy in different fields including industry, services and IT. The witness is the brother of one of the defendants of 'oil and gas bribery' cases.
The court asked if the company provided a consultancy study to one of the companies from which the 1st and 2nd defendants received bribes, the witness answered that he made a financial study for that company and the funds transferred from it to their company during the last three years amounted to OMR500,000 to OMR700,000.
The witness denied that the projects were referred by the 1st and 2nd defendants and emphasized that he dealt with the CEOs of the companies.
The Public prosecution member reiterated that thorough investigations have proved that the defendant's was a fake company which was founded to transfer the bribes and that the companies that transferred sums of money to the witness' company were via the 1st and 2nd defendants and did not deal with the witness.
The Public prosecution asked the court to involve the witness as a defendant in the case. The court agreed and returned the case file back to the Public Prosecution and asked to produce other witnesses.

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