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Mona Lisa ladies paint for a cause
January 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Ami Damani with her creation. Photo - Times of Oman

Muscat: Members of the Mona Lisa Art Club and students from the Scientific College of Design collaborated for a charity art exhibition at the Muscat Grand Mall over the weekend.

Titled Al Finan Souk (Artists Souq), the exhibition featured work by 29 members of the Mona Lisa Art Club, which is a part of the American Women's Group, and 11 women students. The show, which ran from January 16 to 19, raised money for the Environment Society of Oman.

"They will use this money to conduct training programmes at the ESO. Whatever money we can collect, we would like it to go to a good cause. They are for the greening of Oman and working for a better future," explained Mona Lisa's president, Shailaja Kuthiala.

Most of the works in the show, the fourth one for the group, reflected  women artists' interest in Oman and how the country serves as an inspiration. Camels, traditional doors, mosques, kahwa pots and Omani people featured in many of the canvases. 

"I've put a lot of detail about Oman. I came here 20 years ago," said Harini Kumar, speaking about one of her pieces which included many elements of the Sultanate, some as diverse as the beehive tombs and ships. Even the colours, red and blue, reflected the earth and sea of Oman. 

For painter Ami Damani, the exhibition was extra special because it was the first time her work was being presented to the public. Her painting of a traditional Omani door caught the attention of many people at the mall. "I'm ecstatic. It's overwhelming. I just wanted a few people to like it but lot of people have come up to comment on it. I'm so happy," she said, standing beside her work.

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