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Consumer court slaps fines for violating terms
January 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: A Preliminary Court in Buraimi slapped fines on accused in three different cases for not providing the services as per the agreement reached between the consumers and the service providers or contractors.

In the first case, the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) noted that a consumer had complained against a contractor while they had an agreement for constructing a part of his house.

The work was to be completed within a time frame of four-and-half months, but the contractor had not finished the work till the time of filing of the complaint.

Both sides were called to the office of the Directorate of Consumer Protection in the Buraimi Governorate, where the contractor again agreed to finish the work within an additional 15 days.

However, the contractor failed to finish the work, and was eventually slapped with a fine of OMR300.

Contractor punished
In another case, a consumer complained that a contractor who had agreed to repair the house, stopped the work midway. He was asked to appear before the directorate where he agreed to finish the work.

However, he did not complete the required work and came up with excuses four times, thus managing to renew the contract. Eventually, the case reached the court which slapped a fine of OMR200 on him.

In the third case, the Directorate of Consumer Protection in the Buraimi Governorate received a written complaint from a consumer who stated that he had reached an agreement with the owner of a car workshop for the repair of his car, but the work was not done and the delivery of the car was delayed.

He said this was  a violation of the Decision no. 81/2002 which prohibits noncompliance of the agreed terms of services and not finishing the piece of work within an agreed time frame. He was granted damages of OMR100.

Trader fined

In another case, the Preliminary Court in South Sharqiyah region slapped a fine of OMR1,000 on an Indian national, convicting him of selling illegal melamine items.

The PACP team found that the Indian national was selling some melamine items which had certain components that were health hazards. According to the PACP, this was a violation of the First Section of the Decision no. 404/2012, which banned selling and marketing of melamine items made in Taiwan.

Similarly, in another case, the Public Prosecution slapped a fine of OMR50 on a Bangladeshi national for violation of the Decision No. 05/2011 which prohibits overcharging while selling livestock, including Somali livestock.

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