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Movie Review: Jai Ho
January 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Jai Ho stars Salman Khan and Daisy Shah. Photo - Facebook.com

Starring: Salman Khan, Daisy Shah, Danny Dangzongpa
Director: Sohail Khan
Rating: 2.5/5

This year's first mammoth release Jai Ho is at best a haphazard attempt. It shows a lot of promise in the first few reels but soon succumbs to sacrificing content for commercialism. Obviously, inspired heavily by a Hollywood film, still let's just leave it to it being an official remake of Chiranjeevi starrer Stalin. It has plenty to offer yet it leaves you expecting a lot more as the end credits roll.

The idea that Jai Ho wants to propagate is very relevant and you instantly connect to it. Still how one wishes that director Sohail Khan would have treated it with more maturity and meshed the idea more subtly into the plot instead of hammering it on us every two minutes. The film tends to get too preachy at various points and seriously lacks powerful drama which the plot absolutely demanded.

As the film gets going and you get used to Salman's absolutely atrocious goggles, you soon realize that this is not just another Salman Khan film. The entire first half feels like one episode after another establishing how good a Samaritan Salman's character is, some of which are appealing but the rest are a big bore. The film starts to feel a bit stretchy from this point on as the story does not move forward at all until the last ten minutes before the interval. There are a few funny moments in the first half but mostly the departure from the main plot to comedy looks forced and the romantic angle between Daisy and Salman completely lacks any fire.

Thankfully, the action does not disappoint. The flashback sequence is extremely well executed and the fight sequence just before interval is clap worthy and despite of all the hiccups it culminates the first half on a high note.

The film could have risen higher with some out of the box thinking in the second half but sadly it opts for the age old formula used by dozens of Bollywood film in the past and every scene from there on is extremely predictable. It simply turns into another corrupt politician vs a common man drama you see almost every week these days. Even the original idea of helping the people and paying it forward is shallowly justified and should have been much better thought of for the right impact. The biggest let down is that the struggle of the protagonist lacks any real drama and immaturely handled. The whole thing with the chief minister and the intervention of the army is juvenile and farfetched.

Salman Khan is the backbone of the enterprise. For the first time, he tries to play a character rather than just being himself. He carries off his role with utmost sincerity especially in the action sequences which mainly work because of him.

Daisy Shah looks confident and dances well but as far as acting is concerned the only scope she gets is few and far between and she only appears to set the situation for the next song. There is a plethora of supporting actors and guest appearances which are appropriate. Naman Jain who plays Salman's nephew deserves a special mention for giving some of the most enjoyable moments in the first half.

Music of the film is strictly Okay and does not contribute much to the going on.

Jai Ho is a film which tries too hard to send a message across yet fails because of the tired, tawdry and run of the mill approach taken by the makers. It is no doubt a well intentioned film by the Khan Brothers but it ultimately wastes the tremendous potential of a noble subject.

It is not a great film in any rights but still Jai Ho is much better than the recent money spinners of the star Salman Khan.

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