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Dance show manager apologises
January 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Following an outcry over the clip of a dance at Muscat Festival being circulated on social media, Ali bin Salim Al Shanfari, executive manager of the commercial show, has tendered an apology.

A number of citizens had lashed out at the dance saying it was contrary to the traditions and culture of the Omani society.

The executive manager of the organising company who was responsible for the Salalah exhibition, has apologised both to the public and the Muscat Municipality for the lapse.

The manager added that the show was only of a three-minute duration and initially it was an acrobat game that was planned. However, the dance show was presented owing to an inadvertent error.

The manager confirmed that the band which presented the show has been barred from taking part in any activity till the end of the Muscat Festival 2014.

The manager said the company respects the values and customs of the Omani society and it was an error on its part and it was solely responsible for the mistake.

It may be mentioned that the video clip showed scenes of a woman dancing in public at one of the venues of Muscat Festival, which is organised by the municipality every year.  

The Muscat Municipality also published a statement on the controversy on its Twitter account. The statement says that the alleged dance was performed by a company hired by the municipality as part of an international package at the festival. The statement adds that the show was not included in the agreed contract. As a result, the municipality stopped the show and the company is being investigated for violating the terms of contract.

It is worth mentioning that the Muscat Municipality has received many tweets through its twitter account, where people have criticised the dance show.

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