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My dad, my mom, my blessed inheritance
February 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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"Ever since your mom left us, I've been in depression," my dad confided after my mom passed away.

When he said this, they were mere words for me, but now I can feel it was the mounting agony in him which he was not able to bear. It was as though he was telling me that his life was not the same for him after my mom passed away. Dad too passed away soon after, but somewhere I knew he had already started his inward journey to join my mom the moment my mom breathed her last. My mom was my dad's real strength, and after she passed away he started weakening both physically and emotionally.

No other relationship could give him that fulfilment as the relationship he had with my mom. Theirs was not a relationship based only on needs, but it was adorned with mutual respect and care for each other and a perfect acceptance of each other, though they had their own distinct qualities. Life's difficult times or their personal hurts never weakened their relationship, instead being with each other every moment brought them closer.

Dad always shared his admiration for my mom with me. In my dad's own words, "Your mom had this fine quality to touch every heart by her loving nature." She was familiar only with her mother tongue till she got  married, yet language was not a barrier for her to accompany my dad to different places. She showed the willingness to learn new languages and make new friends.

Mom did not enjoy many of life's luxuries, yet she preferred having good relationship with all than spending her whole life in securing herself monetarily. Dad too was not in favour of displeasing relationships by giving priority to monetary inheritance, and this unanimity really blessed them with love from their near and dear ones.

It is this unanimity that is required in relationships, as it is often seen that while one gives in, the other stays adamant in life's crucial moments and forces the other to take extreme steps towards fulfilling his or her desires; not being concerned about the common good of the family.

Conflicting views and decisions only drain away love from relationships. Where there is unanimity in decision making, happiness naturally flows. I was not touched by their relationship as long as they were with me, as it is true that we do not value relationships when our near and dear ones are physically with us, but the pain which their separation brings in us, make us realise how much they meant for us. So why do we have to wait to realise this only when they depart from us? Let us do our best to heal our relationships right when we have them around us.

My parents' have shown me that we are born not to prove our dominance in relationships, but to accept and love them as they are.

They lived for each other and death too could not separate them for long. My heartfelt gratitude to my dad and mom who took all the pains to bring me into this world, and for all the efforts they took in their life time to keep our family together. Their relationship stood the test of time and fulfilling all their obligations in this world, they have moved to higher worlds. I have their blessings; I have indeed inherited all the joy of this world.

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