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Suhail Bahwan inks deal with Freezone Sohar
November 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM
STATE-OF-the-ART: Freezone Sohar has signed an agreement with Suhail Bahwan and OTE to develop a logistics park to accommodate the activities of their group companies. Pic: Supplied picture

Muscat: An important step was taken in the further development of Freezone Sohar yesterday by the signing of an agreement with Suhail Bahwan Automotive and OTE to develop a logistics park of 50 hactres  to accommodate the activities of these companies.

Sultan Al Habsi, Chairman of Freezone Sohar, and Jamal Aziz, CEO of Freezone Sohar signed the agreement with Sheikh Ahmed Suhail Bahwan, Chairman of SBA and Othman Suhail Bahwan al Mukhaini, Shareholder of OTE in the SIPC admin building. The signing was witnessed by the visiting mayor of Rotterdam who represents the Port of Rotterdam as the JV partner with the Government of Oman in Port and Freezone Sohar. 

The agreement signed centralises the automotive industries of SBA (dealer for, amongst others, Nissan, BMW, Renault) and OTE (dealer for, amongst others, Hyundai) in Sohar and starts establishing Sohar as the logistical hub for local and regional distribution of cars, spare parts and other automotive related activities.

Besides that, OTE will utilise the opportunities of the commercial centre of the Batinah region to establish their distribution centre for electronic appliances and is studying the consolidation of other activities in the same area.

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