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CCTV: A new weapon in war on Muscat gridlock
February 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: In a bid to solve the burgeoning  traffic problems in the capital city, more fixed closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) would be installed along the main roads of the Muscat governorate in the coming months, a senior official at the Muscat Municipality told Times of Oman.

With the manifold rise in the number of vehicles, these cameras would help  monitor traffic, the official noted.

New cameras would be installed at the road intersections and at vantage points to monitor the movement of vehicles and these would also act as a deterrent for those indulging in overspeeding or jumping traffic signals, the official said.

The cameras would provide high quality video and images of the traffic, the official added. Some other cameras would be deployed to take snaps of those overspeeding on the main roads, the official pointed out, while adding that the construction of a Traffic Control Centre (TCC) would start soon and it would ready by 2015-end.

The official revealed that the TCC would help ensure smooth flow of traffic by linking all the signals with a smart system.

The TCC would be linked  to the digital cameras installed alongside the signals and along the main roads to monitor the traffic as well as help officials in taking remedial measures, explained
the official.

The TCC would be one-of-its-kind  system in the Sultanate, and would help monitor more than 800-km network of roads in the capital, including the main roads from Muttrah to Seeb, the Sultan Qaboos Road, the Muscat Expressway and other double carriageways. Highly qualified and trained persons will be hired to operate the TCC, which would be located in Madinat Sultan Qaboos at Qurum.

Meanwhile, a senior official of the Royal Oman Police (ROP) told Times of Oman that new cameras would also be installed at spots in Muscat which are most vulnerable to road accidents.

The ROP official said the traffic centre would help reduce accidents. The new cameras recently installed at the traffic junctions in Muscat like Ghubra, Qurum, Azaiba, Bausher, Seeb and Muttrah have helped in the reduction of road accidents by 50 per cent, the official pointed out.

Most of the cameras at the traffic signals in Muscat are working, the official noted.

The Muscat Municipality official also revealed to Times of Oman that the  permanent electrical batteries that work on the basis of stored power in accordance with the best international standards would be installed soon at each traffic signal. He said it was necessary to avoid disruptions due to any power cut or any road accident. The number of traffic signal intersections are expected to reach more than 100 by next year, he added.

The new cameras will not be installed in the residential neighbourhoods of the capital, the
official of the Muscat Municipality said.

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