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Al Amerat earthquake first of its kind: Seismic expert
February 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: A tremor which occurred in a Muscat suburb on Tuesday evening was the first of its kind and can be classified as a "non-warning" earthquake, the Director of the Earthquake Monitoring Centre at Sultan Qaboos University said in an interview.

Speaking to Whats Uloom, a sister news service of WhatsNews, Dr. Issa Al Hussein said the quake, which shook parts of wilayat of Al Amerat, is not indicative of another quake. He added that Al Hajar mountains in Oman usually record tremors similar to that of Al Amerat but are usually not felt by the entire population. 

"The epicentre of the tremor, which occurred at 08:06 p.m. on Tuesday, was about 30 km from the city of Muscat and felt by part of the population because it was shallow," Dr. Issa Al Hussein said.

The earthquake was recorded 2 on Richter Scale by the Seismological Centre of the Sultan Qaboos University.

Commenting on similar tremors that occurred in the Sultanate, he explained that quakes similar to that of Al Amerat were recorded in Samad Al Shaan area of Ash Sharqiyah governorate seven years ago. 

"Another strong earthquake was recorded in Yiti village in 2010. Al Rustaq was also struck by a series of tremors back in the late nineties," the seismological expert added.

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