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Omanisation should benefit people and businesses: OCCI chief
February 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Said bin Saleh Al Kiyoumi, chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also announced plans to launch nine ‘OCCI Award for Excellence’ to promote competitiveness among the private sector organisations. Photo - A R Rajkumar/Times of Oman

Muscat: Omanisation has to be implemented in the country in a different manner to make it more beneficial for the people and the businesses, said Said bin Saleh Al Kiyoumi, chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), here on Wednesday.

Responding to a question from 'Times of Oman', Al Kiyoumi said that the Omanisation should be concentrated in sectors where it really becomes beneficial for both the job seekers as well as employers. He said that he would be meeting the authorities concerned in the Ministry of Manpower to discuss the issue.

He also announced OCCI's plans to launch nine 'OCCI Award for Excellence' to promote competitiveness among the private sector organisations. These awards, which will carry names of former chairmen of the chamber, will be given for excellence in various areas. He said that the details about the award will be made public soon.

The award was one of the nine initiatives which Al Kiyoumi announced yesterday. He said that the objective of most of these plans was to promote small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country and facilitate their interaction with big private sector and government companies in 2014. He was elected to lead the chamber earlier this month as new chairman of the OCCI.

Talking to reporters, Al Kiyoumi said that the OCCI would also launch an 'Oman Business Gate,' an information gateway of the country's private and public sector, this year. The website of 'Oman Business Gate' will have information about all sorts of private and public sector businesses, companies, tenders and contracts of the country, he said.

He announced that the OCCI will launch 'join with us to escalate' campaign to support 10 to 15 delegations of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), comprising 200 to 300 participants in each delegations, to visit abroad to learn from experience of others and improve their skills. Some government organisations will also be able to nominate their representatives in some of the delegations.

These OCCI initiatives also include 'Manafidh,' windows for free marketing of SME products and services at the major shopping malls; and 'Muntaje,' special shelf at shopping centres for growing industries.

Other initiatives include 'Kafa'at,' a training programme for SMEs and 'Dialogue for Advancement,' an interactive programme between people from government and businesses.

The OCCI will also organise 'Business Opportunities Forum' which will host big companies and SMEs under one roof where they would present the opportunities available. It is planned that 100 big companies and 200 SMEs will come together for the event where at least OMR20 million deals will be signed to promote SMEs in various governorates of the country, noted Al Kiyoumi.

The chamber will also launch 'Shop in Oman 2014' campaign which will be held in the middle to the month of Ramadan and will continue till Eid where lots of rebates will be offered at shopping centres in Muscat and other governorates of the country. He said the plan is to make it an annual event.

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