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Maid ‘decamps’ with jewellery, OMR6,000 in Muscat
March 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: An Indian expatriate medic couple is waiting for a call from the police to hear that they have nabbed their Bangladeshi maid, who, they allege, has fled after stealing jewellery and money from their house last week.

The couple reportedly lost jewellery worth OMR15,000 and OMR6,000 in cash.

"It happened on the 23rd of last month. Other than my younger daughter, I and my husband left home at around 8am and our elder daughter was at school. Usually, the maid wakes up our younger daughter and sends her to school. But on that day, she called me and my husband saying that nobody woke her up and that 'maid aunty' was missing," the medic couple told Times of Oman.

"As soon as we heard that the kid was alone at home, we both rushed back. By the time, our elder daughter also reached home and called saying that all my cupboards, jewellery boxes and wallets were lying open. It was then that we realised that she had been casing our house for a long time and had plans to run away after stealing everything," the couple alleged.

The maid was working with the family since October 2012, and they were planning to send her back when her contract was to expire next October.

According to the couple, the maid has allegedly ran away with jewellery worth OMR15,000, including gold, diamonds and other precious stones.

"She has also taken OMR6,000  that we had kept aside as down payment amount to buy a car. In addition to the money and jewellery, it seems that she even knew where we had kept her travel documents. She took that entire file, which had her passport, contract and labour card," the couple alleged.

The couple suspects that she might have had somebody's help in running away with their jewellery and money.

"We were aware that she was in touch with a male, probably a Bangladeshi, over phone while she was with us. So, we have given his number to the police.

"The police have traced the identity and have informed us that the number is still active in Oman.

Meanwhile, the police also informed us that the maid has so far not left Oman legally," the couple added.

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