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Japanese envoy shows acumen with trombone
March 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Hisaeda plays the trombone every day for about half an hour.– Courtesy of Embassy of Japan

Muscat: George Hisaeda, ambassador of Japan to Oman, surprised guests at a salon concert at his residence recently when he joined two Japanese musicians to play his trombone.

The concert featured Masami Massong, a talented bassoon player who has performed with orchestras around the world. She was accompanied by Yumi Nishiguchi, who has lived in Oman since 1996 when she married an Omani. The duo played a mix of Western classical music and Japanese compositions.

"My favourite role as ambassador of Japan is to bring Japanese culture to people overseas. The embassy presents many cultural events and exhibitions to showcase a wide variety of aspects of Japanese culture.
I believe it is equally important to highlight Japanese individuals who are exceptionally talented in traditionally Western fields, such as classical music," Hisaeda told his guests before the concert started.
The richness of Massong's bassoon was captivating, especially during Mozart's Bassoon Concerto in B Flat Major, but the most memorable moment of the concert was undoubtedly when Hisaeda revealed his musical talents. The trio played a traditional Japanese tune, Oborozukiyo (Misty-Moon Night), which is nostalgic and sweet.

"I play almost every day for about half an hour," Hisaeda admitted afterwards, when asked about his interest in the trombone. He and his wife, Midori, who studies the violin, are music aficionados.

The guest of honour at the concert was His Excellency Mohammed Al Zubair, and the audience included senior SQU academics, along with senior diplomats from several diplomatic missions in Oman. Following the concert, those in attendance were treated to a dinner of Japanese cuisine.

"I like to think of my residence as the best restaurant in Muscat," joked Hisaeda, who is known in the diplomatic community for his sense of humour. "However, tonight it is also the finest concert hall in town," he added.

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