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Movie Review: Shaadi ke Side Effects
March 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Official poster of Shaadi ke Side Effects

Director: Saket Chaudhary
Starring: Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan.

The makers of the sleeper hit Pyaar ke Side Effects take the next logical step and this time around explore the side effects of marriage and how it affects love in a relationship. Shaadi ke Side Effects comes with its share of drawbacks yet has enough going to make it a onetime watch.

SKSE starts on an interesting note and the initial sequence at the hotel generates a lot of interest. The whole sequence is intelligently done and sums up the idea of the film with gusto. You instantly know that the movie is going to take an interesting look at the lives of a married couple and their trials and tribulations.

The film works wonderfully in the first half. There are plenty laugh out loud situations and the interactions between Sid and Trisha seem real and are the mainstay of this half. Anyone who has been around a newly born baby, parent or not, is sure to connect with the parental woos so accurately and entertainingly depicted. There is not much movement in the plot in this half but is massively entertaining thanks to the witty dialogues and brilliant one liners. Sid's growing frustration and increasing distance between him and Trisha is skillfully portrayed and seems absolutely legit.

It is the second half which completely dampens the solid impact of the first. The story seems to move in this half yet for most parts it feels directionless. Also the parental issue starts to get repetitive and even boring at times. There are some funny moments in this half as well but for most part the movie diverts itself from its breezy humour of the first half and even more so importantly at some instances it falls flat on its face when trying to be funny. The film is stretched at least by twenty minutes in this half and is a mixed bag of some amusing and not so amusing sequences.

SKSE definitely lacks the quirkiness of its prequel. Pyaar ke Side Effects was a true 'blue rom com' which provided great insight into the power struggle that rages between a man and a woman in a relationship and the reason it worked was its ingenious writing. Shaadi ke Side Effects clearly lacks the same fresh and smart writing. It shows spark of brilliance at places especially in the first half but in entirety fails to make a solid impact. Saket Chaudhary handles the first half well but loses his touch towards the second half.

One thing that works in its favour, as it did for the prequel, is its unusual pairing of the leads. Farhan and Vidya are in supreme form as the frustrated and tired married couple.

Farhan Akhtar has an impeccable comic timing and mouths his witty dialogues effortlessly. He completely fits into the role and everything from his expressions to body language depicts his anguish to perfection. He is undoubtedly growing to be one of the most gifted actors of our time.

Vidya Balan is back in form after the drab performance in Ghanchakkar. She is a pleasure to watch and the chemistry she shares with Farhan is hilarious. The main leads are the main reason that the film is not a complete washout in the second half.

The film is also ably supported by a talented set of actors. Everyone does well in their respective roles. Ram Kapoor and Ila Arun stand out but mostly because they have the most to do other than the main lead.

Music by Pritam is not of the quality of the prequel and barring one song the music is strictly 'OK'.

SKSE is sure to strike a chord with all the married couples out there as it has some genuine moments but in entirety the movie is severely handicapped by a poorly written second half. It still makes for a decent watch  thanks to some brilliant performances but one would certainly not miss much if one ought to miss it.

Rating: 2.5/5

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