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Make life a touch brighter with the sleek and powerful Liquid E3 Smartphone
March 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Acer Liquid E3. Photo - Supplied

Editors' Summary:

    4.7 inch HD IPS screen encased in a sleek unibody design.

    Unique 2MP front camera with front LED flash for amazing selfies

    13MP rear camera with ultra-fast focus, "Bright Magic" and AcerRAPID™.

    Capture presentations with Acer SnapNote.

    AcerFloat™ apps for real time advanced multitasking.

Following the success of its smartphone range, Acer recently unveiled the Liquid E3, a compact 4.7-inch smartphone designed for photo enthusiasts looking to take great quality images to share with friends and family through social media.

The Liquid E3 features a beautiful 4.7 inch high-definition screen with IPS technology which makes images appear vivid at a wider viewing angle. Weighing only 135 grams and with a curved design, the Liquid E3 provides the user with a comfortable holding experience making it easy to grip both vertically and horizontally.

In addition to its sleek appearance the Liquid E3 is also powerful, running on Android 4.2.2 and equipped with a Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor, 4 GB of internal user storage, 1 GB of memory, Wi-Fi, and integrated GPS.

Images that wow
The Liquid E3 comes with both a 2MP front camera and 13MP rear camera with ultra-fast focus which means users never miss a shot. Users are no longer restricted to require good lighting in order to take vivid images, with high-speed image processing, brilliant low light photos are captured with high brightness allowing users to take images wherever and whenever they fancy. 'Selfies' have also never looked better thanks to the Liquid E3 front flash which optimises portrait quality in short distance plus the AcerRAPID™ key on the back. For those taking videos, enjoy clear and crisp sounds thanks to the front speaker which provides sound seamlessly without any disturbances.

Multitask with ease
With Acer SnapNote, users can capture stage presentations with automatic angle correction and PDF/PPT conversion making it easier than ever to take notes during a business meeting. AcerFloat™ User Interface also allows app windows to stay open, so users can multitask without having to back out of one app to work on another. The press of the multitask key brings up the Float Apps where opened apps on a translucent screen float over the function being used. It is easy to access or toggle between apps like the camera, maps, calculator, notes and browser. A Float Caller notification ensures that users will not be interrupted by incoming calls that take over the full screen. When a call comes in, the Float Caller mini-window pops up and the user can choose to take the call or reply with a quick message.

Easy to share files and media

Acer smartphones also support AcerCloud, a file sharing and media management solution that lets users easily retrieve, enjoy and share their multimedia and data files using a variety of computing devices, including the automatic backup of your photos to your other connected devices. AcerCloud simplifies the management of digital assets across devices, regardless of platform, and is free on new Acer products.

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