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Lexus LF-CC: A fine design
November 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Muscat:  Lexus has rung in the year 2012 by enhancing their sense of design to be much more bolder and aggressive than ever before.

Through their design language dubbed L-Finesse, Lexus has managed to shatter conventions and go beyond. And this move first reflected in their all-new 2013 GS — with the Face of the Future.

Since then Lexus has never looked back. And its enthusiasts all over the world have got used to the fact that any new vehicle from Lexus will do its bit to create a huge difference.

At the recently held Paris Motor Show, Lexus surprised thousands of visitors when it unveiled the LF-CC (The name stands for Lexus Future Coupe Concept) car. Yes many of them would have already got used to the front face — the spindle-shaped grille. But the LF-CC had more to it than just that.

This midsize coupe concept follows the design cues of the LF-LC that debuted at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. The LF-CC, a compact, rear-wheel-drive sedan and coupe demonstrates CEO Akio Toyoda's promise to build more engaging, sporty products.

Lexus' chief of design, Takeshi Tanabe, feels that the LF-CC represents a "new era" of Lexus design and products. He said, "Lexus models are seen as good but maybe a little bit boring. That is something that the cars like the LF-CC are going to change."

Driving the LF-CC is an evolution of the current powertrain, a 2.5 litre, four-cylinder paired up with Lexus' traditional parallel hybrid system which is tuned to deliver power and efficiency. The LF-CC features an exterior highlighted by the spindle grille and three LED projector headlamps.

The LF-CC's interior makes use of a number of large, bright displays to present all information to the driver. Behind the steering wheel is a digital dashboard. In the centre of the car is a large multi-function unit that shows typical vehicle information and telematics. Mainly, navigation and the like.

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