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Mobility @ Comex 2014 - Oman's premier IT show
April 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A view of Comex 2014 expo. Photo - Hi Weekly

World's leading consumer technology companies shared the stage with a host of up-and-coming inventors at the fifth edition of COMEX to promote and highlight their newest gizmos and concepts. One of the biggest gadget trade shows in the GCC, the expo wraps up today after swamping the city with over 75,000 attendees and 150 exhibitors showcasing their products and services.  

Industry estimates putting Oman among the leading technology users, with 93% families in the country using smartphones, the weeklong fest saw device-makers come together to discuss their visions for the future, at the same time as battling to convince buyers to choose their particular versions.

Gadgets like 'smart' watches and glasses that can monitor fitness and activity while updating emails and social media accounts and taking photos, allowing people to wear the world wide web on their sleeves and on their heads, were a hot hit with gadget freaks at the expo.

"Wearable devices in the shape of smart-watches and head-mounted displays have been there for some time, but we are excited this year because the field is finally gaining traction with consumers, especially with the popularizing of 3-D technology," said Pradeep Tripathi, CEO, Oman Phone.

The ever expanding mobile phone market- largely driven by the increasing spread of smartphones and tablets, which are expected to amount to 43 per cent of technology spending in 2014, witnessed the launch of many new feature packed launches from leading manufacturers like Samsung, Nokia, and Sony. Chinese mobile phone brand Huawei announced the launch of its hi-end P7 smartphone, and X1 tab. Sony also launched its latest Z2 tablet. Finnish brand Nokia also launched its X series- their first android phone, very competitively priced below RO 50.

IT firms also offered customised business solutions for corporates. Microsoft Oman delivered, for the first time, an informative session about its latest Office 365 introducing it to the technology community in Oman. 

Office 365 is Microsoft's latest cloud offering for a unified experience for productivity, collaboration and messaging across devices. The IT giant also showcased Yammer, a unique Enterprise Social Network that brings together people, conversations, content and business data in a single location.

"The world of IT is evolving at a rapid pace, dominated by four main mega-trends: mobility, cloud, big data and social networking, enabling businesses and users to do more of activities they value the most, whether they are at home, at work or on-the-go." Said Sheikh Saif Hilal Al Hosni, Business Development Manager, Microsoft Oman.

Communications firm Avaya announced the launch of its integrated communications server enabling firms to make audio/video calls without the need of external server, through their own ip address. Software developers Al Amthal offered customised software services for business organisations, right from website maintenance to cloud computing.

With its three main pavilions – e Government, business, and shopper – the exhibition aimed at showcasing the latest technologies in the field of Information and communications technology (ICT), to empower SMEs through ICT, and to encourage society to use IT. The five-day exhibition starting 7th of April, was organised by OITE Trade Fairs. Government institutions from Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Singapore, Lithuania, and Estonia also participated in the expo.

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