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Thumbs-up with a few suggestions for Comex
April 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Comex 2014 offered visitors the latest tech-savvy products and information technology (IT) solutions. Omani IT innovations were also present with some interesting projects for school students as well as some SMEs showing their talents in IT solutions. Photo - Supplied

Muscat: Visitors of Oman's leading IT and Telecom Show - Comex 2014 - praised the expo as a success, but expect a number of adjustments for next year, which they think can make the exhibition all the more worthwhile.

Comex, which saw the participation of national and international companies, began offering a wide range of the latest consumer gadgets, as well as business and government solutions, on April 7 at its three main pavilions - Comex Business, e-Government and Comex Shopper.

The expo was brought to a close on Friday.

Maryam Osman was satisfied by the discounts offered at the expo and said at Comex she could find gadgets which were not available elsewhere, and at inexpensive prices.

"However, the number of companies participating at Comex Shopper should be increased," she told Times of Oman.

Also, the arrangement of the stalls needs to be improved because there is not enough space between the stands, which makes the exhibition somewhat untidy, she added. "I also could not easily find some of the stands I wanted."

Further, Maryam said that the location of the exhibition is good, but she had difficulty finding a parking space.

Ayub Afghan Khan, who is an IT employee, said that unlike past years, the focus of Comex 2014 was on gadgets and not laptops. "The gadgets displayed here are not good. They can be found everywhere, even in hypermarkets."

And there was no section for PlayStation fans, he said.

Ayub also believes that an IT show should be more lively and exciting.

"There can be live demos or light music," he added.

Also, many people had to miss the show because it was held on weekdays, and only Friday was included, he said. "The duration of the show is also very short."

Additionally, Ahmed Al Alawi said that the technologies and gadgets offered at Comex were not comparable to the ones displayed at exhibitions in Dubai. "But the offers are good," he added.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Al Majrafi wants to see more better-known companies at the show. "There are some companies here which we know nothing about."

He also said that it would be a good idea to hold Comex in other governorates of Oman.

Abdullah Mohammed Al Issaei, however, was not happy with the fact that electronic companies had not taken part in the exhibition.

Yet Abdul Wahab liked how the pavilions were arranged, but said the quality of the show was just "average".

Prem Kumar S. believes that the exhibition provided a very good opportunity for companies to introduce themselves to the public. "It will be good to have multi-national companies at the show," he added.

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