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Lahore-bound passengers get stranded at Muscat Airport for 13 hours
April 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: More than 100 passengers bound for Lahore were stranded at the Muscat airport for nearly 13 hours as the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight they were to travel in landed here much after its scheduled time due to a technical fault, on Monday.

The PIA flight supposed to take off on Monday at 12:15 am, missed its scheduled time and left Muscat only around 12:50pm.

"More than 100 passengers were stranded at the airport. As we had checked in, we were not able to come out of the airport. There were women and children too. Some were flying to Lahore due to medical emergency. We had a bad time," Nadim, one of the  passengers, told the Times of Oman over phone from the Muscat airport.

"Food was distributed, but it was not sufficient. Men were able to adjust, but we saw children having a tough time at the airport," Nadim added.

Meanwhile, a senior official from the PIA office in Muscat said that the flight developed a technical glitch in Lahore and eventually missed its scheduled time.

Glitch in Lahore
"The flight developed a technical glitch in Lahore. It was rectified there itself and it landed here in Muscat with passengers. A 12-hour delay occurred in the schedule," the official said.

According to Lahore Allama Iqbal International Airport's online information, the flight landing was confirmed at around 16:20 GMT.

A Lahore-bound PIA flight was grounded due to a technical defect at the London airport on December 24, 2013, leaving as many as 400 passengers stranded for nearly 72 hours.

In the same month, as many as 80 passengers on board the PIA Milan-bound flight were stranded in Paris after a technical fault. The PK-770 flight from Islamabad had landed in Paris at 6:00 pm local time, and was to fly for Milan after two hours.

However, the flight was delayed due to 'some technical fault' and eight hours later, the passengers, which included a number of women and children, were shifted to a local hospital.

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