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Illegal buildings under scanner across Oman
April 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: With the ongoing construction activity of all sizes and purposes dotting the entire countryside of Oman, the Ministry of Municipalities and Water Resources has decided to crack down on anyone violating the construction-related rules and regulations.

A Ministry of Municipalities and Water Resources official told the Times of Oman that intensive surveillance and action was urgently required due to the rapid growth in construction activity everywhere in the country, including in the capital.

The ministry issued 25,511 permits for construction works in the country in 2013 as reported by the Times of Oman on Tuesday. It has registered 2,121 cases of technical violations and issued 9,341 warnings to builders or promoters of the property in 2013. 

The department of inspection and engineering services of the ministry is coordinating with the technical departments of various municipalities of the country to follow up on the inspection drive.

New construction sites and buildings are particularly being watched to check any violation of set norms applicable to residential or commercial structures in the country. 

The ministry is particularly concerned about possible neglect of traditional architectural designs in any area and addition of external elements in these upcoming buildings, he said.

There are set rules and regulations available since the last four decades to develop modern cities which also give equal importance to local values and traditions. The standards and specifications are updated in keeping with the developments in technology, he said. "We cannot allow anybody to ignore these most important components in any architectural development or construction in the country," he added. 

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