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Fear of failure
April 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop". This proverb is very meaningful. And one of the most familiar circumstance one fears to face is failure. We run away and hide ourselves from it. We all have to realise that running away from a problem will never ever help to solve it.

We become losers who give up and don't have the courage and faith sufficient enough to overcome the obstacles life throws at us. Besides this, fear of failure will never help us to go back and fight for what we deserve. Fear of failure weakens us, fills us with negativity and makes us believe that we have lost everything.

Additionally in some situations, the people around you, who value you for what you have, make you feel low when you face failures. So when you come across failures you get to know the true colours of a person and this pulls of the façade from that person's face.

When people mock at you, they make you stronger to get up and achieve your target with more precision. If someone thinks he is strong enough to put you down, show him that you are strong enough to get up.

That is the supremacy of an individual over evil forces that crave to put you down. Another manner through which you can tackle your failures is by thanking God sincerely for all what you have.

Gratitude, i.e., thankfulness for what you have achieved, will bring you more of what you actually want. Have company of those people who hold your hand and walk with you during your hard times, not those who hold you high and flatter you during your sunny days. And the last but the best way to come up in life is to have faith in the Almighty.

Be aware of the fact if you ask God for something he can give you three answers — Either he says yes and gives it to you or says no and gives something better or says no, keeps you waiting and finally gives you the best. So keep in mind — your present situation is not your final destination. So master the art of facing failures, not running away from them.

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