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Oman rehab to open as addicts increase
April 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: Thousands of drug addicts are now being treated in Oman as the numbers rise year on year and the age of those affected, particularly by heroin and morphine, falls.

As the number of registered drug addicts in the Sultanate surpasses 4,000, the public and private sectors have joined hands to raise awareness about the harmful effects of drugs and help rehabilitate addicts through the establishment of drug rehabilitation centres across the country.  

Dr Mahmoud Zaher Al Abri, secretary of the National Commission on Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Affairs, said the number of addicts centrally registered by 2014 is 4,079. However, the actual figure could be higher.

First specialised centre
In response to calls from the community for more projects aimed at tackling the scourge of drugs, which experts say is now getting a grip on the younger generation, the Sultanate's first specialised drug rehabilitation centre is going to be built in Sohar, open to nationals and expats, and a second drug rehabilitation centre would be established in Muscat.

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