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After dispute, employment visa renewal at employer’s discretion: Legal expert
April 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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I am working with a large business group here in Oman. I have been working with them for eight years now. I have some issues with the company which have not been resolved through talks so I intend to approach the Ministry of Manpower now. My query is, if I file a complaint against my company, will I be able to leave the country in case of any emergencies or otherwise?

Will there be costs involved and who will be liable for the costs? And, is there a time limit? As my visa is expiring in June, can the company hold me back if the case is not resolved until then?
Once you have a dispute with your employer and the matter is referred for adjudication, you may not be able to leave the country in case of emergency and if your passport is with the employer.

Also, you would have to bear all costs, including legal (attorney) fees for fighting your case.

You need not pay any court fees since employees are exempted from payment of such fees. Renewal of your employment visa and resident card will be at the absolute discretion of your employer and there are instances that the employers refuse to renew the visa in case of ongoing disputes.

You need to evaluate all probabilities before taking any decision on your contemplated plan of moving against the employer.

Always keep in mind that the employee is always at the receiving end and in most cases the employer calls the shots.

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