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Movie Review: Revolver Rani
April 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Revolver Rani official movie poster. Image courtesy - Revolver Rani Facebook page

Starring: Kangana Ranaut, Vir Das, Piyush Mishra, Zakir Hussain.
Director: Sai Kabir

There are very few people who are ready to have a go at making a movie like 'Revolver Rani'. And this attempt in itself earns the flick a deserving right to a viewing. It may not be the perfect film to fit in the black comedy genre but it does make a fairly amusing watch.

Director Sai Kabir creates a unique world of his own. It is a world where a political rally in middle of the day is hijacked by guns and where carrying a gun is akin to carrying your mobile phones. The characters, which are part of the environment, are equally violent, fierce, greedy and conniving. There is no black and white and everything and everyone exists in the grey area. It carries much of the flavour and vibes of the recent movie Gangs of Wasseypur. Yet the contrast cannot be more stark...

Revolver Rani would have been a much better film if a bit more attention was paid to the screenplay by the director. There are a lot of moments which arrest your attention but there are others which do not deliver the required impact, giving it a stretched feeling. As a result, the movie works intermittently and dilutes the experience. 

It's the first half which mostly suffers from the above mentioned drawback as once the characters are established nothing much happens to the plot. The film jumps from one random sequence to another which sometimes work and sometimes don't, until a rather interesting twist creeps in right before the interval which salvages the show and keeps your interest alive for the second half.

And it's the second half which is packed with punches. The director makes a comeback with a strong grip on the subject and masterfully moves the film forward. Some of the best moments of the movie are packed in this half and it is the kind of humour Sai Kabir delivers expertly. The fight sequence at the climax is brilliantly done and beautifully sums up the movie. Many might argue that the twist at the end was completely unnecessary and a desperate attempt to keep hopes for a sequel alive. 

This is Kangana Ranaut's year. Brimming with the success of Queen, Kangana comes up with yet another winning performance. Her real achievement is striking the balance between the wildness of the first half and the vulnerability of the second. She successfully portrays the transition required by the character yet keeps its spirit alive till the end.

This is a movie which depends on its actors for sterling performances. And no one from the cast disappoints. Vir Das is perfectly casted as the greedy toy boy caught in the rivalry. Piyush Mishra is one of the most talented actors in India and his potential is rightly tapped by the director, especially in the second half. Zakir Hussain is a revelation and finally gets a role that justifies his skills. 

A special mention to Pankaj Saraswat and Kumud Misra as the bumbling brothers of Zakir Hussain and the over enthusiastic news reporter who are the funniest in the movie and get some of the best lines.

Music by Sanjeev Srivastav is just 'OK' and except for the title track none of the other songs make any impact.

Revolver Rani is a fiercely original film. Its violent facet and dark undertones may not be for everyone to digest but its sly humour and amazing satire makes it a thoroughly entertaining flick. Worth a watch if you have an appetite for dark comedies.

Rating: 3/5

Written by Siddharth Akhouri - Special to Times of Oman

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