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Movie Review: Kaanchi
April 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Official poster of Kaanchi. Photo - Facebook.com

If back to back unsuccessful films are any proof, it is painfully evident that the legendary showman Subhash Ghai has completely lost touch with his audiences. His latest endeavor Kaanchi too does not impress and is sure to add one more disappointment in his kitty of flop movies.

This time around, the director diverts from his usual family dramas and romantic films with opulent sets and annoying supporting characters from the 80's and that is a welcoming change. But the subject he chooses about women empowerment and fight against injustice lacks novelty and has been done in a much more interesting and entertaining ways in the past even by himself in films like Raam Lakhan, Meri Jung and many more. He seems to be still stuck in the prime of his careers in the 80's and his treatment of the subject feels extremely jaded and out of date. Alas, the audiences have moved on.

The film starts off well. There are several interesting and attention grabbing sequences in this hour to keep you satisfied. Majority of the time is devoted in establishing the titular character and events surrounding her. The problem is that with all the time invested in concentrating on his protagonist, Ghai fails to develop any of the other supporting characters. Rest of the characters just come and go without much influence. As a result, when finally the tragedy occurs which was supposed to be the turning point of the flick, the audiences feel no emotional connect with the proceedings whatsoever. Also the placement of a few songs in this half feels completely unnecessary and forced which just adds to the length.

One wished the writers to have spent as much time in developing an interesting screenplay as much as they have in creating unique and weird names for the characters. The second half which should have been the backbone of Kaanchi is in complete shambles. Ghai completely looses the plot and the revenge saga goes completely haywire. Kaanchi's journey is far too easy and lacks any drama. There is a sense of artificiality in the proceedings and the director tries to make up for this artificiality by loud and dramatic background score and farce songs about patriotism and awakening of the public.

There is a song every ten minutes in this half which takes away any seriousness needed from the plot. The climax also is one long drawn mess with no impact whatsoever and by that time you would have lost interest in the proceedings.

Newcomer Mishti does well in a few sequences but ultimately fails to carry the film on her shoulder. She is a fresh face and looks beautiful but lacks the acting skills needed for a strong role like this. She acts and talks like a child for the most part to pass off for innocence and mischief and screams and screeches in the more dramatic sequences which is a turn off. Karthik Tewary suffers from a shoddily written part and is serviceable.

The only actor who impresses is Chandan Roy Sanyal. One would think why would actors like Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Chakravorthy, Mita Vashisht and Adil Hussain who are completely wasted be a part of such a movie if not for the brand name that Subhash Ghai is.

Music has always been a strong suit in the director's film. But the music by Salim Sulaiman and Ismail Darbar is a huge disappointment and the song "Kambhal Ke Neeche" feels like a desperate attempt to recreate the success of "Choli ke Peeche" which obviously fails terribly.

It fails to evoke any emotions and seems to be a juvenile effort and more importantly does not do justice to the big names attached to the project both on and behind the screen. Altogether, Kaanchi is an extremely forgetful experience.

Starring: Mishti, Karthik Tewary, Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty, Rishabh Sinha.
Director: Subhash Ghai
Rating: 1.5/5

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