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Dar Al Atta’a to raise OMR1m for Charity Building
April 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
May Al Bayat, Dar Al Atta’a spokesperson. Photo - Supplied

Muscat: Local charity Dar Al Atta'a plans raising OMR1 million within the next year so that it can have its own "Charity Building" which will ensure a constant income to support its programmes.

The fundraising began with its charity gala dinner last week, which raised OMR500,000, but according to the financial experts Dar Al Atta'a consulted, another OMR1 million will be required to build or purchase a building that can be rented out to bring in the annual funds the organisation requires.

"If we want to guarantee that Dar Al Atta'a will be there forever, we need a fixed income. We need a yearly income of OMR150,000 to 200,000," explained Dar Al Atta'a spokesperson May Al Bayat.

The building will have some space for use by the charity for its own activities, but most of it will be rented out. That income will finance much of the work that Dar Al Atta'a undertakes.

For the next year, there will be a strong fundraising campaign to reach the goal of OMR1 million. Each week there will be campaigns at Muscat Grand Mall and at each of the City Centre malls where the volunteers will raise both funds for and awareness about the building.

Dar Al Atta'a is also hoping to collaborate with local cinemas to have an ad campaign that would run before movies. They will also have machines similar to ATMs placed in different locations around Muscat that will take donations, making philanthropy easy. Donations can also be made directly to their Bank Muscat account. "Giving to the building is as good as giving to the programme itself," Al Bayat said.

While Dar Al Atta'a hopes to finish raising money by April 2015, board member Ekhlas Al Hashmi said the organisation would also be most grateful if someone wanted to donate land or even a building.

"If someone can donate land, that would be fantastic! We're ready to take it," she said with a smile.
Al Bayat also thanked the generous businesses which donated funds last week, some that even contributed amounts of OMR50,000 and more, and said she hoped other companies would be inspired to give, too.

"We want companies to know that even OMR1,000 makes a difference. Whether companies donate OMR100,000 or 1,000, it's important," Al Bayat said.

Along with the proposed building which will provide sustainable income to support the activities, Dar Al Atta'a also announced that it plans to focus more on ongoing charity, a concept known in Arabic as
"Sadaqah Jariyah," a term taken from the hadiths.

Programmes of this nature include the homes they build for poor families and the empowerment programmes which provide training and skills that people can use to support themselves and their families.

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