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Destroy your Achilles' Heel!
May 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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What is that one thing that makes your heart beat faster? One thing that keeps you awake at night? One thing that you're scared of and can't get over? Let's accept; we all have weaknesses, something that holds us back when we want to break free.

We call it fear or Achilles' heel.  It could be anything, from  fear of cockroaches to fear of water and darkness. While it means nothing to others and its part of their normal life, to many it has a strong impact on their lives. What should one do then? Just let it rule or take control?

We all try to overcome but worry about the consequences. Ignoring the problem doesn't help. It just takes stronger control over our body and mind. Before we start thinking about how to solve the issue we need to accept and acknowledge the problem.

For example I am scared of failure. Failure haunts me in whatever I do. While people argue that it's good to be concerned about succeeding I personally believe it's the chink in my armour.

Before sending this article I kept on wondering whether it be chosen or not. I thought there are so many better ones than me, so why should they consider mine. While this fear is normal to some extent the fact that I acknowledged my problem helped me to overcome.

The third step is to overcome the fear, and not pushing it aside.  One attempt isn't enough.

This is where perseverance plays an important role. It's also important to understand that this battle isn't going to be fought only by you.

Remember together we stand divided we fall. Take the help and support of your loved ones.

It doesn't make you weak, it pushes you towards the stronger direction. The final step for everyone has to be victory. We have to win the fight against our fears. If we don't destroy it we should at least have the courage to face it.

I am not saying you will be flawless in the end. If you were, you wouldn't be human but you would have the strength to face at least one of your flaws with confidence.   

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